About KiwiCash

What is KiwiCash?

KiwiCash is a smart way of making what we call "micro-payments" for access and services at our Blenheim KiwiCamp.

Using near field communication (NFC) technology your KiwiCash card identifies you and connects you to your online KiwiCash account. This allows you to make secure, easy payments for services with a tap of your card on one of our card readers.

Inside your KiwiCash card

Inside every KiwiCash card is a tiny computer, and a very fine copper wire which wraps around the whole device and works as an aerial.

If this aerial is damaged or broken, then your card will stop working. That's why it's best not to drill holes in it, bite it, bend it, put it in the tumble dryer etc.

Buying KiwiCash

Purchase your KiwiCash card from:

Riverlands Roadhouse 24hr Cafe
State Highway 1
Riverlands, Blenheim 3535

Go to www.kiwicash.nz and set up your account:

Load some funds onto your card and you are ready to start swiping for access to:

  • the KiwiCamp site (no charge)
  • clean toilets (n/c)
  • waste recycling facilities (n/c)
  • fresh water (n/c)
  • hot showers
  • laundry and dishwashing facilities
  • Wifi
  • power for charging devices